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Zone Chefs

Zone Chefs

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Zone Chefs offers pre made delicious meals and snacks to help you reach your goal weight-loss. Clients have three gourmet meals and two snacks delivered each day to where they wish by 5 a.m.. They are packaged in insulated bags full of ice to keep the food fresh through delivery. These meals run in 120 day cycles which help to not bore your taste buds. Many of the meals are packaged in microwavable containers for your convenience. Usually the lunch items will be cold items which can easily be taken for work.

To get an idea of what the day is like for clients imagine this. For breakfast you start with an oat bran bagel along with scrambled eggs and vegetable cream cheese. Lunch consists of grilled salmon along with fresh greens. For a snack between meals you can indulge yourself in fresh strawberries with ricotta cheese. Dinner is the biggest meal. One type of dinner available is chicken stuffed cabbage with vegetables. All these foods will help you stay healthy and keep on track to losing the weight.

Many celebrities enjoy Zone Chefs. Tori Spelling, Kevin Costner, Liza Minnelli, and Kathy Griffin are just a few of the many well-known stars who love the program. 

Zone Chefs offers different types of plans. Some are for 14 days, while others last up to 31 days. The fees vary, with the clients being charged daily. Unfortunately not everyone can afford their prices. It also needs to be known that Zone Chefs currently deliver daily in New York and California. 

If you want the convenience of having already made healthy meals, Zone Chefs may just be the step you need to achieving your dreams.

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