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Yanik Silver

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Yanik Silver is a well known veteran in the online community. He became a millionaire at age 26 by becoming a master at online marketing. He has authored books and is a sought after speaker at online sales and marketing seminars. A couple of Yanik Silvers books are Moonlighhting on the Internet, and Instant Sales Letters. He has also authored marketing reports such as, 7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to Maxium Sales, and 14 Point Web Copy Analysis of a Winning Site.

Yanik Silver doles out valuable information on topics such as how involved authors should be with web marketing, and formulas for success. He shares the skills he believes people should have to successfully promote their websites, and provides many great tips on how to make money online.

Yanik Silver has all kinds of great ideas. A few of his suggestions are:

Get just one website up and running well and focus all your attention on it. If it fails, fail fast so you can start working on a more successful one. If it is a money maker then you can get it running on autopilot before you start a second site.
Create your business around what you know and around your life.
Make deadlines that you must meet. Your sales will tell you it is a hit or not.
If an idea has potential go with it and make it better.
Focus on your strengths and improve them.
Realize that your business will never be perfect.

Yanik Silver has been successful at what he does. His ideas and suggestions should be useful for anyone considering starting an online business.

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