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The stated aim of Xsitepro.com is to provide a website builder that not only builds beautiful web, but also augments business profits. After Xsitepro.com officials asked users of XSitePro Version 1 what additions and improvements they would like to see added, the XSitePro2 version was developed. You should also be able to design a website the very first day you receive the product.

Xsitepro.com says that the website developer is good for beginners, businesses, marketers, advertisers and others. Some of the features include:

Enhanced performance
Backward compatible
Unlimited website creation and maintenance
Hundreds of new templates
Upgraded designer menu with links to many other page content features
Amazon advertising wizard that will send you commissions when people follow your suggestion to buy something at Amazon.com
Product link lets you recommend products and receive commissions
Allows you to put videos on your website
Unlimited supply of professionally written content

The software helps build websites much more quickly than before, and allows web changes on already existing sites. It does many functions automatically that used to be much more difficult. XSitePro2 automatically analyzes the website and gives a list of steps that will help it leapfrog in the rankings over others.

I wasnt able to find much negative vibe about the XSitePro2. As far as I can tell, most users are pretty happy with it. It is supposed to be great for making sites that work well with search engines. It should fit most of your web building needs to a tee.

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