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Cytodyne Technologies offer the Xenadrine supplement. Xenadrine is a thermogenic formula created by large studies of a specific herbal thermogenic formula.

Xenadrine contains aspirin, ephedrine, and caffeine. When these elements are combined they are known for increasing the amount of weight-loss in the consumer.

Since Xenadrine offers all three of those ingredients along with Synephrine, adding Xenadrine to your daily routine will give you better results than the other ECA supplements for burning fat. Taking four capsules per day will help better your metabolism which will assist your body in naturally burning fat.

Xenadrine is not the only supplement available. Cytodyne created Xenadrine – EFX. This is an advanced thermogenic supplement that they claim cannot compare to similar types in the industry. The supplement does not contain ephedrine like other supplements of its type. It is made of a potent blend of natural metabolic compounds that help create fat-burning to assist the users in their weight-loss and maintain your weight once it is off. Many famous celebrities take the supplement and have had life-changing results. Studies have been done on this product and the results have shown that people who took Xenadrine – EFX lost up to 20 pounds of fat within 14 days of use.

Just like other diet supplements, Xenadrine and Xenadrine EFX have better results when taken while eating healthier and exercising. These supplements are available over the internet and at specialty stores. Their prices differ and may become expensive if you take the recommended daily amounts. It is important to remember that since they are sold over the internet you can compare prices and find the best deal available.

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