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The weightwatchers.com website allows you to follow the Weight Watchers eating plan at your own pace. There is no meeting to attend. You are not forced to weigh yourself in front of a large room of people. You can do everything from home.

Some of the great features you will find on weightwathcers.com include the following items.

You are able to access the weightwatchers.com site from anywhere. This could be at home or at work.

Find new recipes from their online collection. You can plan meals without having to worry if they will be healthy.

Learn new exercises. Weightwatchers.com offers a library of exercise videos.

Keep track of your weight loss progress.

Weightwatchers.com has a onetime sign up fee of $29.95. Then you are billed a monthly rate. You are offered two plans to choose from. They are the Core Plan and the Flex Plan. Each plan has different guidelines to follow.

The Core Plan has you stick to a list of foods that make you feel full, but have low calories. They also give you an amount of other foods you can eat each week. This allows you to still splurge once in awhile without ruining your diet.

The Flex Plan has you count points. Each day you are given a certain amount of points to eat. Each food has a point value. You also get some extra points each week to splurge. 

Weightwatchers.com has an online program just for men. They have exercises geared just towards men. They also have food that men will like while still losing weight.

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