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This website doesn’t have very much information. It mentions that the site is for elite matchmaking professionals. So, basically this means that this site is not for an average Joe Blow. It is for the upper echelon of the crop.

The clients that come to this site only look for the best and nothing less. VIPSingles.com has a beautiful website, but not enough substance on the front page. You can barely read the writing on the webpage. The light beach background did not seem go to too well with the print.

On the bottom left, there is a video that explains a little more information regarding the site. A woman by the name of Debra pops up and briefly explains that the site works with high caliber clients. The members are looking for quality people that they can share time with. The members are looking for others that share their same standards and quality.

These members are more of the upper crust group that want excellence in their relationships. They don’t want anyone that is not on their level. That would make it difficult for them to relate. The members are looking for people that are interested in a serious relationship. They don’t want to talk with anyone whose mind is warped or confused. They can’t stand it when they feel they’re being held back from something in a meaningful relationship.

The downside with this site is that you have to sign up in order to get more information from the site. There should be more information on the front end of the webpage.

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