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Vincent James

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Vincent James has written a book called How I Made $77 Million in Two Years And You Can Too! In the book, he outlines the success tactics he used in his 1994-95 direct-mail campaign that earned him his millions. The book has been around for several years. Now, it is being followed by a set of 6 DVDs plus MP3 material all under the heading of The 12-Month Millionaire Seminar.

In all his products, Vincent James gives extensive details on how to go about earning the big bucks. He does not stop at inspirational messages or business theory. Instead, he gives all the minutiae of working the everyday business. There is information on everything from what kinds of ads to use and when to use them, to the scoop on mailing lists. James is offering the seminar package at about $400, with a note that it will soon be going for $1000. If all the information in the package is as good as it sounds, it seems a small price to pay.

On his online sales page for the Rebel Millionaire, Vincent James again offers a chance to get dozens of different types of specific advice. He does exaggerate about his income in the sales letter. He would have been okay if he had said he made more than any one of the CEOs he mentioned but to say that he made more than all of them combined is pretty farfetched. Perhaps he is just prone to big talk. He does seem to say what is on his mind, often using graphic language to make his points. At any rate, the ideas seem to have some merit. The question is whether they are worth the price demanded for them.

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