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TrafficSwarm.com provides a system in which users can get traffic to their websites. The way it works is that every user has a link on TrafficSwarm.com to their website. The user can then earn credits by clicking on the links of other website owners. Just as the user is going to the different websites, others are visiting his or her website.

The rhetoric on TrafficSwarm.com indicates that the service guarantees plenty of visitors to a users website. The privacy and anti-spam policies are strict and guaranteed to be enforced. What is more, there is a long discourse of the methods TrafficSwarm.com uses to weed out cheaters who would take unfair advantage of the system. For example, users are not allowed to use automatic clicking to earn credits. They must actually visit the website for a given amount of time.

The problems with TrafficSwarm.com are harder to determine. For one thing, very little is said on the website about these credits. There is very little mention of what they are good for and how many it takes to get some advantage. Another problem is that all the people who are clicking around on TrafficSwarm.com are entrepreneurs themselves. They are not trying to find products to buy; they want to sell. This creates a situation in which visitors to the website owners sites are not serious potential customers.

TrafficSwarm.com has been used with some success by some people. It is good for what it is, but one must always remember what that is. It is a community of like-minded website owners that all want basically the same thing.

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