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TrafficEqualizer.com is selling software that is supposed to help clients drive customers to their websites. This is done through a high-tech and somewhat shady method of search engine optimization. Clients are advised that after importing a list of pertinent keywords and filling in a form, the Traffic Equalizer software will automatically create pages based on good SEO methods.

TrafficEqualizer.com is not a particularly popular site, possibly because of its questionable practices. The company does offer good service features such as free upgrades, a tutorial for the software, and software to find good keywords. However, the usefulness of an automatically written webpage is not a sure thing. Google and other search engines will be able to distinguish these mock SEO practices in the near future if they cannot already do so.

The word on TrafficEqualizer.com is that their product is a no-cost method. The method may be free, but the software costs around $100. The TrafficEqualizer.com website may be even less popular if not for the 50% commission to affiliates who send clients their way.

Still, there have been many people who were satisfied with the traffic they seem to have received as a result of using TrafficEqualizer.com. These people have found the software easy to work with, productive, and effective. They
find that they can produce results with minimum effort. People who have the $97 to plunk down for a program that may or may not work the way they want it to can jump right in and buy. Others will want to think twice.

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