Sep 20 2012

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loading... will teach you in as little as one to two hours a week how you can stop cravings and be successful in your diet. Shrink Yourself will give you all the tools needed to help you stop overeating and help you feel great and lose weight. 

Based on methods studied by UCLA and Kaiser Permanente, Shrink Yourself will guide you step by step until you feel you are able to cope with your cravings and finally end them for forever.  Most diets fail because people have a hard time overcoming their cravings during dieting. With the Shrink Yourself program you will be given the needed tools that are needed to keep you on the right track. 

When you are cravings or feel the need to binge there is usually a hidden reason for this feeling.  The Shrink Yourself program will show you how to indentify your cravings and essentially help you to end them forever.  When you stop overeating you lose weight! It’s as simple as that.

When you join the Shrink Yourself program you will be given 12 guided sessions, unlimited use of the online and mobile coach, 12 weekly workbooks, and a dairy for you to practice weight loss habits, a personalized “steps to success” summary, unlimited access to the members community, and the opportunity to get expert advice from the Shrink Yourself emotional eating experts.

The Shrink Yourself program is specially personalized to each individuals needs. No two people will have the same Shrink Yourself program.  When you have reached the end of the Shrink Yourself 12 week program you will be able to print all of the work you have completed. This is often over 200 pages worth of work.  It’s like your own personal journal of your journey to control your weight and to prepare you for a healthier life and lifestyle.

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