Aug 03 2012


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Mr. Rister worked on building a very sizeable, but not so
profitable, portfolio of real estate. The properties he held just did not
enable him to gain the wealth he wished for. So, as a very hard-working real
estate investor, Scott realized that there had to be more to the industry than
buying and holding real estate. He was right!

His answer came in the form of real estate wholesaling and
working with overly motivated sellers to teach them the best way to utilize
their time. Scott implemented a variety of systems that would successfully run
with very small amounts of maintenance time; automated systems says Mr.

Besides this new art of real estate wholesaling, you can
also find numerous other articles written by Scott Rister at
He discusses subjects such as profiting from probate, finding motivated
sellers, and principles to use for successful direct mailing campaigns. There
are a total of 27 articles listed on this website and each and every one of
them holds important information for real estate enthusiasts.

If you are interested in purchasing courses offered by Scott
you can do so by visiting,
a site where you can find a variety of authors to choose from. Or, if you are a
landlord, you can visit
Here Scott gives you a choice among many different real estate courses such as how
to get instant cash from wholesaling houses and how to analyze your budget.

It doesnt matter which site you decide to visit because
each one contains an extensive amount of information about Scott Rister and how
he will help you become a successful real estate investor. Enjoy!

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