Sep 22 2012

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loading... is based from the Zone Diet. The site is run by Cale Bergh and his wife. They offer a fourteen-day money back guarantee on their membership. They will refund 100% of the money you paid to become a member. This is a great feature. Most sites charge a minimum fee.

One of the features offered on is the diet profiler. You enter your current weight, gender, activity level, height, and goal weight. The profiler then gives you your ideal weight, body mass index, and recommended calories.

Another feature of is the nutrition label analyzer. You no longer have to guess if something is good for you to eat. You enter the information on the package and the analyzer will tell you if the item is balanced. It will tell you what else you need to add to have a balanced meal.

The next feature you will have when you are a member of is the substitution finder. This will help if you skip a recipe because you do not like a certain ingredient. You can use the substitution finder to see what else you could use in that items place.

A great feature of is the family style. It will give you the amounts to make recipes for the entire family. The shopping list will also be adjusted for your family size. This way you can make the entire family eat healthy.

Next, you will have the progress log on This will show you exactly how you are doing towards reaching your goals. offers over 2,500 recipes you can choose from when planning your meals. They are all balanced, and will help you lose weight. You can also use the zone recipe builder to create your own recipes. You can enter your favorite recipes and the builder will customize them to be more healthy and balanced.

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