Aug 12 2012

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At you will be able to search my city or by country. is a free online dating, personals, and friendship community for adults. If you want a place you can hang out without the pressures of being asked to join, then is the place you are looking for.

The community is 100% free. They have combined open chatting and self-expression among those who are like-minded and singles looking for dates. equates itself to the first, best and only bar on the Internet. The only thing they ask is that you BYOB because the bar is always open.

At they have several fun Personality Tests you can take. Just to name a few there is the Cognitive Personality test, the Emotional Personality test, the Experience Seeker test, the Are You a Ten Sensuality test, the Are You an Incurable Romantic test, the Are You a Risk Taker test, the Are You Open to Spiritual Possibilities test, etc. and the list goes on.

I have asked the question “How are the Personality Tests used?” , but never received an answer. It seems to me the Personality tests will at least tell you something about yourself. is not a place for you to look for that someone special for a lasting relationship. However, it is the place you are looking for if you want to meet lots of people, have fun and basically get laid.

You will be able to meet someone from almost anywhere in the world or you can look for someone who is much closer to home. Whether they live in the same city or just in the same area of the state, you will be able to connect for the evening of fun.

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