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Tom Vu

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The best thing that can be said about Tom Vu is that his late night infomercials were entertaining. Perhaps they were not meant in fun, but Tom Vus infomercials of the 1980s to 1990s were nothing if not silly. The theme was a boastful Vu, surrounded by luxury, spouting reasons watchers should go to his seminars. The fact that the luxury included women in bikinis could only leave one to guess about how the seminars would bring them.

The basis of Tom Vus seminars and books was shaky if not verging on illegal. It involved making deals on distressed or foreclosing properties without actually buying them. Long before the time came to close, Vu suggested getting someone else to take over as buyer. This new buyer would pay an amount somewhere between the amount the real estate dealer paid and the actual value of the property. In theory, everyone could make money.

However, the reality of Tom Vus methods was that they were impractical. Almost no seller would accept the types of terms he suggested. For example, no one would want to sell a house with $10 down or at 50% of market value. Yet Tom Vu recommended both. Few, if any, saw returns from these $1000+ seminars. While Tom Vu had a certain kind of strange appeal, there was little truth in the information he was selling.

Tom Vu no longer makes the infomercials, thus depriving late night audiences of a certain amount of fun. Instead, he lives in the western part of the US, participating in poker tournaments as a fairly successful player.

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