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Tom Kish

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Tom Kish is the founder of CashFlowExperts.Biz Inc. He claims to have purchased and sold over $8 million in real estate in less than two years without using any of his own money. He also authored The Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide: How to Create Wealth without Using Your Own Cash, a 121 page full color interactive workbook detailing the four steps necessary to acquire huge unsecured new business lines of credit. The claim is that you can obtain a $200,000 to $300,000 line of credit that wont report a balance on your personal credit report and that using this system you will never have to use your own cash again to invest in real estate.

Mr. Kish also claims to hand you the money you need to become an investor. By studying and learning the Cash Flow Experts Biz money system, you can become a success in real estate investing. Critical to your success in this business however is having the list of NATIONAL lenders that offer this cash and credit to you with no questions asked. There are other things that you can do with that unsecured credit besides real estate investing such as:

1. Stock market investing
2. Starting a new business
3. Growing an existing business
4. Advertising and marketing
5. Creating an internet business
6. Writing a book or screenplay
7. eBay business opportunities
8. Investing in livestock/agriculture

Thomas Kish identifies the three reasons why most people seldom profit from real estate investment themselves:

They dont have the money or good personal credit to buy real estate.
They dont know what kind of property is profitable.
They cant find an experienced mentor who can walk them through the steps of real estate investing process.

This system is definitely worth taking a second look, but dont forget to look for any complaints or problems related to the products Mr. Kish offers.

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