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Ted Nicholas

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Ted Nicholas has a very simple approach to business: in order to make a fortune you must master successful offline marketing principles. At the age of 17 he was a Kirby door-to-door salesman. Prior to that he worked in his fathers ice cream and candy business, bussed tables, cleaned floors and whatever else needed to be done.

By the time he reached the age of 21 he was $96,000 in debt he started his own candy business. Through years of hard work that one store became 30 retail candy franchises. When store #30 was up and running, Ted wrote his first book How to Form Your Own Corporation without A Lawyer for Under $50. All the necessary forms to complete in order to form your own corporation were present, forms you would normally pay an attorney hundreds of dollars for. The money from the tremendous success of How to Form Your Own Corporation without a Lawyer for Under $50 allowed him to build his own publishing company, Enterprise Publishing Company. On the heels of this new company came 14 more best-selling books.

Mr. Nicholas then formed an incorporating service company called The Company Corporation (TCC). In 1991, Ted Nicholas sold Enterprise Publishing and TCC and retired. A year later he came out of retirement. After calls from business owners familiar with his track record he began doing consultant work, giving seminars. The end result is that today Ted Nicholas is one of the most highly-respected marketing consultants but one of the highest paid copywriters in the world. To come from $96,000 in debt at the young age of 21 to a multi-millionaire with sustainable income is impressive to say the least. Any pearls of wisdom this dynamo may choose to share would be worthwhile.

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