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Sugardaddie.com caters to the affluent crowd. This would include attorneys, benefactors, doctors, models and anyone that fits in the affluent category. This site also caters to those that are considered classy and pretty.

This site says that they can make a difference in the lives of those that sign up for their site. They stress that being successful and having ambition are part of the package. It doesn’t hurt that the person is attractive to the other person.

People come to look for a compatible mate that has much in common with them. For instance, a doctor probably wouldn’t want to get with a fast-food worker. There is no compatibility there. The doctor is on one end of the totem pole and the fast-food worker is on the other end. They come from two different income brackets and probably different upbringings. The doctor is looking for someone that is on his level.

People that come to these sites are confident and sure of themselves. They usually know what they want from a relationship. They want people that are high caliber and think very highly of themselves. This site is not for people that don’t have anything to offer. There are other sites that serve people that are not in the upper echelon bracket, but Sugardaddie.com isn’t one of them.

People that come to this site are choosy about what they want and who they want as far as a relationship is concerned. They can’t waste time on things that are subpar. This is a very comprehensive site; it contains articles about dating, and provides dating tips for the affluent. If you fit into this category, this may be your cup of tea.

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