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Sparkpeople.com is more like a social network for dieters but offers so much to their members to help them achieve their goal of eating healthier and their target weight goal.

Sparkpeople.com believe that the people who get more support are the ones who are more often to be successful in meeting there goals.  When you join the Spark People community you will receive a personalized homepage and blog, membership to an active message board which includes questions and answers from their experts and member created SparkTeams.

As a member you will also enjoy all the added benefits of Sparkpeople.come which includes there free tools. You will be able to access meal plans, a calorie counter, weight tracker, recipe calculator, fitness tracker, exercise demos, the SparkPoints system, and a program to track any type of goal you may wish to set. 

The Sparkspeople.com diet is not a fad diet it is a diet based on the simple equation of burning more calories then you consume.  Sparks People follow the American Heart Associate guidelines to help bring to you a healthy way of eating. You will be able to eat what you want but with the tools that Sparks People provide you with will help you eat in moderation and to help you learn how to make good choices in your eating choices. 

The Sparks People program is completely free to join and members will have access to all the features of Sparkspeople.com.  You will be able to interact with other members of Sparks People and find support buddies along the way while making friends and reaching your goals together as a group or if you prefer you will be able to reach your goals on your own.

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