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The southbeachdiet.com website is meant to be used with the South Beach Diet plan. The South Beach diet plan follows a low carb lifestyle. The southbeachdiet.com site offers several tools that can aide in your weight loss journey. Here are some of the tools offered on southbeachdiet.com.

Thousands of healthy recipes

Support from dieticians

Message boards

Motivational tools

Shopping lists

Advice from Dr. Agatston

Meal planner

Dining out guide

Weight tracker

The tools you find on southbeachdiet.com can be very helpful. The recipe finder will give you recipes for any meal that will be perfect for your diet. You can find every type of recipe including desserts.

Southbeachdiet.com offers an exercise section with videos. The videos will teach you how to perform the exercise. These exercises can all be done from your home. This is great if you are afraid of going to the gym.

Southbeachdiet.com is just $5.00 a week. They bill you every thirteen weeks. If you decide you do not like the southbeachdiet.com plan, you can request a refund for the unused part of your subscription.

Southbeachdiet.com has won awards for their site. One of these awards was from Forbes for Best of the Web. They have over 500,000 users on their website.

The southbeachdiet.com also has a store. In the store you will find south beach foods and exercise DVDs. You can also purchase the South Beach books. They will explain how the diet plan works. These items will compliment your subscription to southbeachdiet.com.

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