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The sonomadiet.com is a Mediterranean way of eating. The Sonoma Diet goes by the belief that meals should be a time of celebration. They do not believe in depriving yourself. They teach you foods that are good for your body.

Sonomadiet.com provides you with several interactive tools to help you follow the plan. Here are some of the tools provided.

Meal planner

Shopping lists

Weight tracker

Food diary

Each day you will get a suggestion for your meals from sonoamdiet.com. This can help you choose meals that are healthy. They will also give you a printable shopping list. The list will include the ingredients for the daily meals as well as for the next week.

The weight tracker will show you a chart with your weight loss progress. It can be very helpful to see you are reaching your goal. This can provide extra motivation to stick with the plan.

Sonomadiet.com gives you a food diary to keep track of everything you eat. This will help you to see your eating patterns. You will be able to tell if you eat more at a certain time of day and you will learn to balance it out.

Sonomadiet.com provides you with plenty of support. They have message boards, nutritionist, and pals. The Sonoma pals allow you to collaborate with someone that has the same goals as you. The message boards allow you to be able to chat with others and share your successes.

The nutritionist can answer any questions you have regarding your diet plan. This will help to keep you on track. Another thing you will find on sonomadiet.com is a great selection of wines. These wines can be used to cook with or to compliment your meals.

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