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In 1997 there was a young man with $200 burning a hole in his pocket. He knew it wasnt much to invest but he also knew that he had the dedication and conviction needed to make doing business on line easier. This young man is Simon Grabowski and his first investment was on GetResponse, the first product created by Implix.

Simon is now the CEO of Implix and serves over 750,000 satisfied network users. What has caused the success and growth of Implix? It was simply the dedication of Simon and his team. They continue to move forward with developing the technology of tomorrow and putting these new and exciting fundamentals to work for all of their users.

By visiting http://www.implix.com/index.html you will not only meet Mr. Grabowski, but you will also meet the rest of the Implix team and learn how they continue to make tomorrows future with todays technology. Some of the other products offered by Implix are Talk Stream, Website Wizard, and Dynamite Covers. Simon Grabowski has made sure that www.implix.com has covered, and incorporated, every bit of information needed to successfully promote your internet business.

Another offering from Simon and Implix is an affiliate program which includes the complete family of marketing products. Thats right, seven different websites that can earn you money. How exciting is that? Mr. Grabowski is certain that being a part of an affiliation is like a bonus or may even be considered free-money.

Take the time now, yes right now, to visit the above websites and learn more about Simon Grabowski and Implix. And, make sure you are ready to begin on a journey to generating wealth and prosperity.

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