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Rosalind Gardner was not always known as the Lady of Internet Marketing. She did not begin this career until after working as an air traffic controller for over twenty years. She finally grew tired of working long hours for small pay. She didnt want to remain as the one padding the pockets of others while she struggled to make ends meat. So, she slowly gathered enough information to launch her first website; and the rest is history.

Soon after launching her gardening website Rosalind was approached by a company dealing in banner ads. After some research she realized that there were a ton of profits to be made in affiliate marketing and by 2000 she had quit her Real day job and began full time with her Internet Marketing venture.

Since then she has published a variety of handbooks with her most famous being an affiliate handbook that reveals how she made over $400,000 in just one year. You can find out more about this handbook, and others, at www.rosalindgardner.net. Read what others have to say about Ms. Gardner and her success as an Internet Marketer. You can also read her affiliate column or check out her blog at www.netprofitstoday.com.

Once you have reviewed the information about Rosalind and her successes take some time to read the links provided concerning Site Build It Review news. These links cover a variety of topics from contests and affiliate reports pertaining to SBI.

Rosalind Gardner has proven that we can create our own wealth instead living paycheck by paycheck just to create wealth for another. She is proud of what she has achieved and is excited to share her achievements with others; with us.

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