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Robert Toru Kiyosaki is much more than the well known author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series; he is also a businessman who has made a mark in self-help books, motivational speeches, and investing.

First and foremost Kiyosakis Rich Dad, Poor Dad series teaches about a contrast in point of views about being almost rich and almost poor and what the importance of money was at each stage. Through the readings of the series we can learn how to shape our lives with our thoughts and how to exercise our mind in order to grow financially stronger. Robert gained valuable insight from having two very different fathers and he has chosen to share that insight with us.

As well as the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, Kiyosaki has also written books pertaining to becoming a rich woman, how to increase our financial IQ, and owning a corporation. He has a slew of books available on his website www.richdad.com. And if books are not your passion you can try his audios and games or even purchase one of his programs. There is plenty of great products to choose from that will help you to increase your income and build your knowledge in business.

You might also consider Mr. Kiyosakis series of two hour trainings. These trainings are offered for free and they incorporate all of the lessons included in the Rich Dad series. This training is almost as great as being personally educated by Robert and his team of experts. Visit www.richdadeducation.com to find a class near you!

And to top it all off, each year Robert offers an Annual Forum for all to attend. This forum is for 4 exciting days and is full of networking knowledge. Dont miss out on the next forum being held in Orlando, FL from February 19-22, 2009. This is a great opportunity for guests to meet with many, many entrepreneurial experts.

Robert Kiyosaki has it all and is waiting to share it with each of us. Visit his site today!

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