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RealAge.com is a company that helps motivates people to stay healthy and feel younger. They achieve this by providing the most up-to-date health information to help you stay knowledgeable and empowered to do the right steps to keeping yourself healthy and happy. 

When having a membership with RealAge, clients have many features available to use. One such feature is the “RealAge Test”. Based on your answers, the test reveals medically valid metrics that compare calendar age to biological age. Experts for RealAge came up with the health metrics by researching over 25,000 medical studies, leading to more than 125 factors that cause the rate of getting older. 

Another feature available is the health assessments. These offer personalized strategies to grow younger. This feature includes quizzes that can determine your risk of different types of diseases. It is able to give you tips to lessen the risks if they are high.

One other feature is the “Smart Search”. This information is picked by experts who find the most reliable pieces to help you. This way you can be positive that you are finding the best information without having to do much research. 

RealAge offers information on just about everything you can think of. They can lend you support while on a diet with their “Shape up, Slim down” feature. You will be able to watch beneficial videos, tips on getting a better workout, and even find a diet buddy to chat with. 

There are also a few books available for purchase. These include “You: Staying Young” which helps to guide you to start living and feeling younger, “You: On a Diet”, which offers a plan to rid the inches around your waste, and “You: The Owners Manual” to name a few.

RealAge is a great for helping anyone feel revitalized!  

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