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Orovo Detox

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Orovo Detox was unintentionally produced by the wife of the CEO of the company. It started out as an experiment by taking 10 superfoods. The superfoods were supposed to make her look younger. After the experiment was over, the results were mixed, at the most. She did not look younger. However, she was able to lose about 10 pounds and her acne was gone. The good thing about this is she got these results without having to slave doing it.

She took what she learned from that and eventually crated a product called Orovo Detox. This weight loss supplement works to rid your body of harmful toxins. Come to find out, her findings also indicated that the build up of toxins in your body caused people to gain weight.

Toxins that float around in the water and in what we eat cause us to put on the pounds, according to her study. The metabolism level was low and there was much body fat. In addition to that, there was not much energy in the body to speak of.

Orovo Detox contains not only the 10 original superfoods, but it also contains 31 detox agents that help to cleanse your body and help to lose weight in the process.

If you decide to try this weight loss supplement, it is recommended that you take four capsules at least a half hour prior to breakfast and lunch. You should drink at least 16 ounces of water. There is a cycle of 7 days to use it and then 7 days off. You should notice a change each time the cycle comes around.

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