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Officers Christian Fellowship

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Officers Christian Fellowship – Competencies & Mission

The non-profit organization named Officers Christian Fellowship is there to server the young men and women of this sovereign democratic country of the United States of America, who have sacrificed their young adult lives to protect our right to enjoy a life of freedom. Following the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, there has been an exponential demand for young man power in all military departments, and a great many young intellectual minds have sacrificed their time in school to protect the boundaries of your nation.

In such a difficult scenario, there needs to be more organizations like the Officers Christian Fellowship, which are more than able to tackle the issues surrounding families of their young martyrs and Prisoners of War. The organization provides ample funds for their families to meet the needs of present day America. There has to be someone who offers a helping hand to the families of active or retired military officers – particularly those who are forever maimed by the horrors of war, or are rendered handicap due to an extremist attack.

The guards or reserve members in the military are operating on long shifts, and are unable to see their young children. Those young men and women, who are in their teen years, and are in the process of being recruited by the United States army, require their families to be not only given hope, but financial security. The nation’s army has a number of International military personnel, who do have the monetary resources to support their families, but have no hope of coming back to the homeland soon; thus, their families require emotional and sentimental help.

The Officers Christian Fellowship members offer their prayers for the martyrs, and those who are currently fighting, what appears to be a never ending battle with an unknown enemy. There is special purpose outreach and small group fellowship system formed by this NGO. The organization also has the availability of conference centers, where they meet up to discuss the strategies on how to support the needy families. The OCF publications offer an in-depth look into the efforts made by our members in bringing back the army from war, and also highlight the acknowledgment of the men and women battling in the Far East, by the country’s citizen at large.

The ultimate goal of the Officers Christian Fellowshipis to minister effectively the positive teachings and encouraging the young men and women to fight the war with a firm belief in God.

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