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The people of MyCountryMatch.com have been building online communities for about 20 years.  They have heard the complaints about other online dating sites from those who have used them about the fake profiles, the continual daters, and the lack of trust. 

Some of the women felt as if their ads had been placed on a billboard sign when their profiles had been placed with a large dating site.  They found anyone accessing the site had access to their profiles, which included some of their intimate thoughts. 

MyCountryMatch.com has strived to improve on the method of helping singles find what they are looking for in a safe and fun setting.

Since its beginning in December of 2003, MyCountryMatch.com has continually evolved by adding new features and functions, which have been requested by the members.  As time goes on they will continually evolve as their membership increase and the needs of their members grow.

MyCountryMatch and their members believe in the principles of honesty, integrity and family and like country music because of what it stands for.  This is the method used by MyCountryMatch to offer a safe and secure environment for singles to meet like minded people.

MyCountryMatch takes the time to review every single profile before they are posted on the web site.  These profiles must meet the code of ethics set down by MyCountryMatch.  The services they provide are promoting interaction among single adults who are scared of commitment and seek real family values. 

MyCountryMatch is dedicated in bringing together people who know how to act with kindness and maturity.  They expect their members to be honest about their identity when they are registering. 

MyCountryMatch has ground rules which must be obeyed by all the members in order to gain access to their community.  They will verify the credentials of all those looking to become a member.  Credit cards are verified to ensure members live where they say they live and to ensure the member is over 18 years of age.  They also capture the unique IP address of the computers of each registrar.  They will also verify email addresses.

MyCountyMatch basically does everything within their power to ensure you a safe environment in order to find the right person for you.  They weed out undesirables who are misleading and dishonest, which will make your experience with them fun as well as safe.

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