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If you are looking for that perfect calorie counter and online diet and exercise journal you will not have to look much further.  My-calorie-counter.com provides you with all the tools needed to keep track of your progress throughout your diet.

Powered by Everyday Health, my-calorie-counter is an online exercise and dieting journal that lets you track your nutrient intake and find the calories you burn during exercise.  What is even a plus to this online tool is that it is specially built to work with leading diets such as: The South Beach Diet, Atkins, Weight Watchers, The Zone Diet, and many more!

Another plus to my-calorie-counter is the personal blog you may opt-in on when you sign up for free at my-calorie-counter.com this will help you make some healthy and helpful connections along your journey.  No matter your goals whether it’s to lose weight, gain weight or to just track your progress my-calorie-counter will help you achieve all your weight related goals.

My-calorie-counter is growing by the thousands weekly and best of all this service is 100% free for you to sign up and start tracking your progress.  Many people have found when they have been given an easy way to track there progress they have been able to stick to their diets better and have also noticed that by sticking to there diets they have lowered possible health problems associated with being overweight.

My-calorie-counter also provides a community of forums where you can find some of the best support you may need during your diet, not to mention the friends you can make while all working towards the same goal.

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