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Mike Dillard is a well known entrepreneur who began his career waiting tables but became a millionaire by the early age of 29. His forte is in the work at home industry where he has become one of the highest, influential leaders for all hopeful entrepreneurs in the field.

Mr. Dillard has a wide experience in many types of marketing and focuses on teaching entrepreneurs around the world the concepts they need to know in order to succeed in the business. It is said that his newsletter reaches more than 70,000 readers throughout the world.

His creative products include a variety of courses such as the Famous Magnetic Sponsoring course and the MLM Traffic Formula. He has written an Ebook called Magnetic Heroes and will soon release another amazing product called Black Belt Recruiting.

Mr. Dillard not only offers his very own inspirational and much needed marketing techniques but he also recommends other products which aide in such areas as lead generation, building a website, how to write great copy and sales letters, and even build a successful email auto-responder.

He includes many articles of useful advice on his website. These articles cover such as areas the price of success, changes in the lives of his readers, automation in downlines, and magnetic sponsoring. You can read all of his training articles at www.mikedillard.net.

This site will give you a brief background about Mr. Dillard, explain his products and what they can do for you, allow you to read testimonies from his students, show you pictures from Mr. Dillards life, and provide you with contact information as well as directions for ordering and downloading his products.

Mike Dillard has a motto that he lives by and that is, Lifes Short¦Live Like A Rock Star and with hard work, dedication, and the right mentor you too can follow his motto. Check out the information on Mike Dillard now and you will soon be on your way to becoming a successful, prosperous entrepreneur.

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