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Mayoclinic.com has a wealth of information to help all dieters in their quest to lose weight.  With a check point to see if you are truly serious to lose weight this “gut check” will tell you if you’re ready to lose the weight and to make sure the weight stays off.

Mayoclinic.com will provide you with tons of articles to help you learn the proper techniques of losing weight in a healthy way while also providing you with knowledge information about supplements, weight loss drugs, weight loss surgeries, and exercise. 

While the Mayoclinic.com does not offer you any type of support they are more based on giving you the information you need to help you lose the weight they do offer a section where you can ask a Mayo Clinic Specialist a question the only downfall to this is that only select questions are responded too. They do have a small Q & A section of previously asked questions that you may review. 

Mayoclinic.com offers you 3 important tools to help you lose and maintain your weight loss. A calorie calculator is provided so that you may count the calories of your food and stay with in your daily caloric intake.  A slide show that offers you very valuable information into portion control, portion control is one of the top techniques that help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  The healthy weight pyramid tool helps you by computing your age, weight, height and sex taking this information it will provide you with how my servings you need to eat from the food pyramid and gives you your daily intake of calories you need to maintain to lose weight or to stay at your current weight.

MayoClinic.com, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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