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What good is using Listdotcom.com? First of all, what is Listdotcom.com? Their advertising copy states that the site can help build a 100,000 member opt-in list. The main purposes of an opt-in list are two-fold. First you want to use it to test new business ideas and see what kind of immediate reaction you get. It also allows you to keep the hits going when times are slow.

Listdotcom.com claims that by using their system you will be able to dramatically increase your email opt-in list. It also allows you to email either to a random group in the membership, or email only to your own members. The company also allows you to join for no fee, and says that you may be able to make one dollar per month for each member you recruit.

Listdotcom.com says that your list will continue to grow because all of the people who come in below you will be encouraged and rewarded when they bring in five additional people. The company says that you can email your list once every three days.

There dont seem to be an excessive number of complaints from members of Listdotcom.com, so it may work for you. Just dont expect too much too soon. A downside to any business is to have unreasonable expectations. If you decide to use this system, learn from your mistakes. Watch what is successful and build on that success. Make goals and keep them reasonable. Keep plugging away and learning how to run your internet business and it can become a good source of revenue for you.

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