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Job Crusher

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JobCrusher.com is an online mentoring and coaching program run by Mike Filsaime, Eric Louviere, and Dan Hatfield. Originally opened in June of 2007, Job Crusher brought in a core group of Beta members to help create content by participating in webinars and on the forums. After several months of building up a lot of value in the form of content, Job Crusher was promoted heavily to the Internet Marketing community starting back in September of 2007.

Within Job Crusher, there are multiple training modules including the Fast Track to $4,000 Per Month program, Job Crusher Copywriting Clinics, Expert Guest Speakers, Look Over My Shoulder Program, amongst others.

One of the unique aspects we found about Job Crusher was the high touch element of the owners and members. For instance, the ability to have your copy professionally critiqued is something we did not find elsewhere. Many members express a very warm and friendly environment as something they find unique about Job Crusher.

Another unique aspect of Job Crusher is found in their tutorials and content surrounding CPA marketing. CPA stands for (cost per action) and is a form of affiliate marketing in which affiliates can earn a commission without necessarily having to refer an actual sale. There are not many communities out there online that have this type of training. Much of Job Crushers content is focused around helping its members start generating cash online as quickly as possible so they can build up to bigger and better things with their online businesses.

Members are very interactive with each other discussing everything from their latest sales letters, to advertising strategies, to mindset. In fact, the founders of Job Crusher often stress the importance of proper mindset in achieving ones goals.

We didnt turn up much dirt on Job Crusher. Most of the members seem happy with the service all around. It seems to be a decent community to learn in for beginner to intermediate marketers.

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