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Tom Kish

Tom Kish is the founder of CashFlowExperts.Biz Inc. He claims to have purchased and sold over $8 million in real estate in less than two years without using any of his own money. He also authored The Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide: How to Create Wealth without Using Your Own Cash, a 121 page full color interactive workbook detailing the four steps necessary to acquire huge unsecured new business lines of credit. The claim is that you can obtain a $200,000 to $300,000 line of credit that wont report a balance on your personal credit report and that using this system you will never have to use your own cash again to invest in real estate.

Mr. Kish also claims to hand you the money you need to become an investor. By studying and learning the Cash Flow Experts Biz money system, you can become a success in real estate investing. Critical to your success in this business however is having the list of NATIONAL lenders that offer this cash and credit to you with no questions asked. There are other things that you can do with that unsecured credit besides real estate investing such as:

1. Stock market investing
2. Starting a new business
3. Growing an existing business
4. Advertising and marketing
5. Creating an internet business
6. Writing a book or screenplay
7. eBay business opportunities
8. Investing in livestock/agriculture

Thomas Kish identifies the three reasons why most people seldom profit from real estate investment themselves:

They dont have the money or good personal credit to buy real estate.
They dont know what kind of property is profitable.
They cant find an experienced mentor who can walk them through the steps of real estate investing process.

This system is definitely worth taking a second look, but dont forget to look for any complaints or problems related to the products Mr. Kish offers.

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Raymond Aaron is a successful investment coach who shares his learned techniques and innovative ideas so that entrepreneurs and individuals can get what they want out of life.

He believes that none of us should have to struggle finding ways to become successful and wealthy so he has developed numerous materials to lead us in the correct and very positive direction to financial freedom.

Raymond is committed to his ideas, his mentors, and his work and decided to share his wealth of information with all of us. And, to this day, Mr. Aaron still applies all of his techniques to his own life which enables him to maintain an abundant lifestyle.

Mr. Aaron offers a monthly mentor system that allows us to do what we love and make money at it. He knows that we all deserve the best and is confident that following his system will achieve financial freedom in our lives. He will show us how to remove the obstacles and open the gaits to a successful venture.

One of the great offerings of Raymond Aaron is his Monthly Mentor University which consists of a very intensive three-day workshop. This workshop covers areas such as the Seven Pillars of Success, building your own internet business, and the law of attraction. The workshop will teach us how to double our income, remove procrastination, and how to delegate. Raymond Aarons Monthly Mentor University is the fastest way to prosperity.

Take time now and visit www.aaron.com to learn more about becoming a member of the Monthly Mentor and learn how to create wealth by doing what you love. Check out the upcoming events featuring well-known speakers and view all of the information offered on Mr. Aarons three day workshop. Find out how to be on your way to financial freedom!

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Russ Dalbey is known as a real estate guru and can be compared to other gurus such as Carlton Sheets and Don Lapre. But one of the major differences that Mr. Dalbey has is that his course teaches a step-by-step series of how to find cash flow notes and turn them in to sales.

Mr. Dalbey has no doubt received some bad reviews in the past but research has proven that those who have not made money with the Winning in the Cash Flow Business course have failed because they did not follow the step-by-step instructions. In order for anyone to be successful with the course they must be serious about using what they learn. They cannot sit back and do nothing.

This course, like any other, must be studied, and then studied, and then studied some more. Students must put what they learn to work and must remain dedicated to the program. Mr. Dalbey presents all of the information and techniques needed to succeed in real estate but it is up to the user of the course to create wealth. My suggestion is not to believe what others have said but to make your own decision by visiting http://secure.witcfb.com.

Once you have visited the website, read the details of the course, and reviewed the testimonies I am sure you will see just how amazing Russ Dalbeys Winning in the Cash Flow Business course is. You can read about Russ and how he started his journey. You can read the success stories of others who have diligently followed in the footsteps of Mr. Dalbey and while you are visiting http://secure.witcfb.com be sure to sign up for one full year of the cash flow newsletter, for free!

Russ is waiting to share his secrets with you! Visit his website now.

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Mr. Rister worked on building a very sizeable, but not so
profitable, portfolio of real estate. The properties he held just did not
enable him to gain the wealth he wished for. So, as a very hard-working real
estate investor, Scott realized that there had to be more to the industry than
buying and holding real estate. He was right!

His answer came in the form of real estate wholesaling and
working with overly motivated sellers to teach them the best way to utilize
their time. Scott implemented a variety of systems that would successfully run
with very small amounts of maintenance time; automated systems says Mr.

Besides this new art of real estate wholesaling, you can
also find numerous other articles written by Scott Rister at http://reiclub.com/authors/Scott%20Rister.html
He discusses subjects such as profiting from probate, finding motivated
sellers, and principles to use for successful direct mailing campaigns. There
are a total of 27 articles listed on this website and each and every one of
them holds important information for real estate enthusiasts.

If you are interested in purchasing courses offered by Scott
you can do so by visiting

a site where you can find a variety of authors to choose from. Or, if you are a
landlord, you can visit http://www.landlordsoftware.com/scott-rister-courses.htm
Here Scott gives you a choice among many different real estate courses such as how
to get instant cash from wholesaling houses and how to analyze your budget.

It doesnt matter which site you decide to visit because
each one contains an extensive amount of information about Scott Rister and how
he will help you become a successful real estate investor. Enjoy!

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