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Mr. Schwartz is known for his creation of tactics used to dominate website conversation within your market niche. He calls it Bending the Web and it means dominating online markets killing your competition. Visit http://www.bendingtheweb.com/ to learn more about bending the web. You will also be able to view over-the-shoulder videos created by Howie.

If you would like to learn about Conversation Domination then you should visit http://www.conversationdomination.com/cooljack.html. This site was put together by Howie Schwartz and Jack Humphrey and offers an audio recording and a PowerPoint presentation which explain the concepts of dominating the conversation on sites such as Google.

The information on Conversation Domination gives you a step-by-step traffic guide, video case studies from Howie, outsourcing guides, and much more. Your mindset will be changed as well as the way you look at search marketing. And, if you join in on this great deal you will also receive a full year membership and a slew of bonuses from Howie and Jack.

You can also find a link to the Authority Black Book which gives you the tactics you need generate instant traffic. This book contains 67 pages of resources that will cover how to create and syndicate video and how to use RSS. The Authority Black Book was created by Jack Humphrey with expert input from Howie Schwartz. If you would like to review the contents of the Authority Black Book then take a few minutes to visit http://www.authorityblackbook.com/.

So if you want to take charge of your website by directing more traffic then you need to visit the listed websites. Howie Schwartz is a man of his word and will not steer you wrong. With his expertise you will soon have a profitable website.

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