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Yahoo health is a leading site with a lot of information that is provided at your finger tips. As long as you bypass the advertisements not thinking they are part of the information you are trying to obtain you will be fine.

When accessing the dieting and nutrition area you will have to click through the tabs at the top of the page. Once you are at the main section of diet and nutrition you will find Yahoo Health provides you with 4 main sections, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss and diet evaluation. From each main section you will find a wealth of information that is neatly organized in a banner across the top and drop down menus of sub menus from the top navigational system.

Health.yahoo.com does provide to you very informative videos and blogs from expects in their fields. There is even a free diet evaluation tool that you can use that will give you a start on what you need to do to lose weight.

At health.yahoo.com you will be linked to information that centers around other yahoo services for example yahoo groups and yahoo news. The only outside links seem to be there advertisements that are geared towards dieting but are mainly advertisements to join or to buy at a cost to the member.

I could not find any communities or forums where yahoo members could come together and find support or motivation through each other. There is a search function where you can provide details and your zip code and find health resources in your area.

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