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GPS Savings Network

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GPS Savings Network

GPS Savings Network is saving consumers up to 70% on shopping, 75% on groceries, 75% on dining out and 80% on travel. While this is typically unheard of, GPS Savings Network is able to leverage the buying power of a private licensee network of individuals to get deep discounts on travel, shopping, dining out and even grocery shopping. Since large Internet booking sites have to spend millions of dollars on advertising, brokerage fees, commission and more, they are unable to truly give consumers the very best prices available. This is why Archer Travel launched the innovative GPS Savings Network website and company—to give private licensees the most purchasing power for their dollar. Licensees can simply go to GPSsavingsnetwork.com, and determine how to best save dollars. With over 139,000 participating grocery stores and GPS Savings Network’s “Grocery Stacking System” eBook, licensees can get the lowest prices possible. The site enables an instant zip code search for restaurants offering deep discounts in your area. Visit www.gpssavingsnetwork.com for more information and to sign up.

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