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Gaynor Oton

Gaynor Oton

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While Gaynor Oton was attending Westside Girls Comprehensive School, she was preparing for a professional career. As a result, she was taking courses in difficult subjects such as Spanish and mathematics. These courses would allow her to pick up marketable skills and allow her to find a profitable job just a bit easier. But, Gaynor Oton also hoped to run a home efficiently when she was living on her own, and she knew she’d have to take courses to learn how to do that efficiently. As a result, she took courses in home economics.

Here, Gaynor Oton learned how to create a budget and pull together a reasonable estimation of household expenses. She also learned the basics of cooking and sewing, which could help her care for a family’s needs with ease. While her technical classes have helped Gaynor Oton secure profitable employment, her home economics courses have provided her with additional skills she needs to care for her family. These courses, in her opinion, were just as important as her technical courses.

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