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EverSlim is a supplement that works as a fat burner. It claims to help you lose about three and a half times more of the weight that you would normally lose on your own. This comes from the study with a few of the ingredients of this supplement.

The ingredients in this supplement include:

Griffonia – this ingredient is used to treat a mild form of depression. This ingredient is also known as 5-HTP. It can also help to alter your mood swings. It supposedly affects your appetite. The downside of this is there seems to be a large amount of this used in order to get results.

Soy Phospholipids – Supposedly, this ingredient is responsible for reducing the amount of hot flashes women experience when they’re going through menopause. That may or may not be true.

Green tea – This ingredient helps to burn fat from your body. Along with caffeine, you will be able to experience more than just that. Both of these elements are included in the EverSlim supplements. In the Nighttime product, you have melatonin, valerian root, passion flower and chamomile. Using this product can help you get to sleep because of the ingredients that are in it.

This supplement may still be questionable. You just have to use it yourself to see what happens. If it works, then fine. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to try something else. As with any weight loss supplement, please consult your doctor if this is your first time using it.

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