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EventMingle is a social network based online using the web and has been designed to make it possible for their members to meet, interact, plan and engage prior to an event, such as a trade show, conference or convention. EventMingle was also designed to be a social network for member of the event once the event has concluded. Eventually the event becomes the Gathering the participants attend in order to visit with friends. This enables the trade show to reinforce themselves as a “Must Attend” event.

EventMingle allows participants of the events, such as attendees, exhibitor, VIP’s and vendors to interact with event participants prior to the event. Participants will also be able to perform pre-event marketing, schedule appointments and meet with other event participants. The participants will be able to market their goods and services to other event participants, such as hotel accommodations, and air and ground transportation.

Because EventMingle is a wholly owned subsidiary of Specialty Match Network, they use their online matching and relationship management technology to bring people together. The technology has successfully been used in the sector of online dating and now is being used successfully by EventMingle in enabling them to attain their goal. They enable people to meet online prior to attending an event. This way they will know some of the others also in attendance before they get there. Exhibitors will be able to set more appointments because they will know more of the attendees. Speakers of the event will have the opportunity to meet some of the attendees prior to the event.

EventMingle will match participants with trade show or conference producers. EventMingle is just the beginning in event based social networking. Some day Event Mingle will be used by every major event, conference, and trade show around the world for networking prior to the event and while remaining an important social network after the event is over.

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