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The Underachiever Formula was created by Ed Dale and Frank Kern and inspired by Eds ability to create successful internet businesses in a snap.

The Underachiever Formula allows for easily seeking out markets that are highly targeted, offering the products they buy quickly, and at the same instance eliminating your competition. It sounds perfect, so perfect that Ed and Frank actually sold out of the step-by-step course they produced.

Ed Dale and Frank Kern were so astounded by how quickly the course sold out they immediately began work on a new version called Underachiever Mastery but, they are only selling 700 copies. Will you be one of the lucky recipients? I doubt it. From what I hear all 700 copies have already been purchased.

But, if you would like to find out more information about the genius Mr. Ed Dale you might want to visit http://www.tubbynerd.com/. Here you can read Eds blog on internet marketing, join Ed on sites such as YouTube and Facebook, read about a variety of categories at http://tubbynerd.com/category/ed-dale/, and dive into a vast amount archives.

Ed is also very experienced in locating, purchasing, and reselling websites. He calls these Internet Real Estate Deals and he is offering his secrets to us. Think of it as flipping websites, not to be confused with flipping houses, but the process is much the same. Ed finds an ugly website which he purchases for an insanely low price, he spruces it up with a few technical additions and subtractions, and then he sells it for an amazing profit. Doesnt it sound exciting?

If you would like to learn more about The Art of Buying and Selling Websites then you need to visit http://im4newbies.com/ed-dale/dominiche.html. Here you will see all that Ed Dale has to offer you when you join him in this great, and very prosperous, adventure. Take a look now!

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