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The dukediet.com weight loss plan is based on four areas. They are a customized diet, exercise, behavior strategies, and medical expertise. Members who sign up for the dukediet.com plan get several weight loss tools, advice from experts, customized eating plan, recipes, and more.

Dukediet.com costs four dollars a week, and is billed every thirteen weeks. If you decide the duekdiet.com plan is not for you, you can cancel and get a refund for any unused part of your subscription. There is a minimum charge of five weeks. This will cost twenty dollars. This charge is not refunded.

Dukediet.com offers many recipes for you to choose from when planning your daily menu. They have shopping advice, and information about eating out. You will learn which foods to choose without blowing your diet.

Dukediet.com offers exercises for you to incorporate into your daily routine. They give you videos showing how to do each exercise. They use cardio and strength training to get you in shape.

Dukediet.com looks at your behaviors towards food. They help you to see why you over eat. They teach you ways of dealing with stress and other emotions that do not include food. They teach the importance of positive thinking. They also focus on motivation.

While being a member at dukediet.com you will be taught about the health problems from being overweight. They will teach you about what you can do to improve your health. They offer advice about which tests you need to have by your doctor.

Here are some of the tools dukediet.com provides you with:

Customized meal planner

Behavior health assessment

Fitness plan

Food log


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