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Lean System

Lean System 7 is a supplement that helps your body to eliminate fat from your body. This supplement contains ingredients that help to fight the fat. These ingredients are also designed to help you keep a lean body. The good thing about this supplement is that it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, such as ephedrine.

This supplement has plenty of yerba mate and guarana. These are natural herbs that have been proven to help in the fat loss wars. Fatty acids are removed and used for energy. There’s also citrus aurantium, which is an herbal ingredient. This ingredient helps to burn calories in your body. Green tea leaf extract works to increase metabolism and separating fat cells that are still in your body.

7-Keto is also used to increase your metabolism and burns calories quickly. It even does it while you are sleeping. This ingredient slows down fat that is stored in your body. Dandelion is an herb that keep excess water out of your body, in particular your skin and muscle areas. Bioperine sucks up the nutrients in this supplement.

Lean System 7 is more focused on fat loss than weight loss. Fat loss reduces the fat in your system. This is what this supplement is made to do and has been its main focus for your body. Lean System 7 works to increase your metabolism without consuming harmful ingredients or using appetite suppression supplements.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you won’t want to use this. In fact, you may want to check with your doctor prior to using this supplement if this is your first time using it.

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Metabolife is a dietary supplement designed to help people lose weight. When it first came out, the company was using supplements with ephedra to help people with their weight loss. However, people started getting serious health complications from taking the ephedra based supplements. Eventually, the Federal Drug Administration forced them off the market because of the harm that they were causing to other people.

After all of the hoopla died down, a company called ISI Brands took over Metabolife and renewed it with non-ephedra supplements. One of the products is green tea and it is free of caffeine. It works to clinically help people lose weight. In order to get the best results, it’s better if the green tea product were paired with products from Stage I Metabolife.

Another Metabolife product called Metabolife Break Through contains nutrients that help your body increase its metabolism. It helps your body to do this for at least eight weeks. This of course, is after your first round of weight loss. This product also helps to keep excess fat away from your system. It has proven to help people counter any challenges they may face in regard to losing weight.

It’s important to read the instructions and warning labels prior to using this. These products are not recommended for those who are pregnant, nursing or that have a pre-existing medical condition. If you do use it, you should refrain from using any product that contains caffeine. Before using, you should consult your physician to make sure that this is right for you to use.

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Orovo Detox

Orovo Detox was unintentionally produced by the wife of the CEO of the company. It started out as an experiment by taking 10 superfoods. The superfoods were supposed to make her look younger. After the experiment was over, the results were mixed, at the most. She did not look younger. However, she was able to lose about 10 pounds and her acne was gone. The good thing about this is she got these results without having to slave doing it.

She took what she learned from that and eventually crated a product called Orovo Detox. This weight loss supplement works to rid your body of harmful toxins. Come to find out, her findings also indicated that the build up of toxins in your body caused people to gain weight.

Toxins that float around in the water and in what we eat cause us to put on the pounds, according to her study. The metabolism level was low and there was much body fat. In addition to that, there was not much energy in the body to speak of.

Orovo Detox contains not only the 10 original superfoods, but it also contains 31 detox agents that help to cleanse your body and help to lose weight in the process.

If you decide to try this weight loss supplement, it is recommended that you take four capsules at least a half hour prior to breakfast and lunch. You should drink at least 16 ounces of water. There is a cycle of 7 days to use it and then 7 days off. You should notice a change each time the cycle comes around.

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Phenterpril is a weight loss supplement that is used as an alternative to Phentermine. This supplement is prescription free. People used to use Phentermine for a weight loss supplement because it was powerful in helping with weight loss. However, it does not go without its issues:

It is not easy to get a prescription for the original.

The prescription is costly, and not everyone can afford it.

Even though it has been tested by the Federal Drug Administration and passed, there are many harsh side effects that go along with taking this supplement.

So instead of using Phentermine, people have switched to Phenterpril. In addition to not having to get a prescription for it, the supplement is safe to use for weight loss. It also provides good results and it doesn’t have the side effects that Phentermine has. Phenterpril contains the following ingredients:

L-Phenylalanine – amino acid that provides energy and puts you in a good mood

Synephrine HCL – citrus fruit ingredients that replace ephedra and aids in weight loss.

Phenylethylamine – helps to suppress your appetite

All three ingredients can help your body to burn fat and aid in appetite suppression. This is key to helping you lose weight. There are 60 capsules in a bottle that will last you about a month. As with any other supplement, you must be 18 years or older to use it. If you experience side effects, consult with your doctor before continuing. In fact, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor prior to using this supplement.

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Proactol is a weight loss supplement that has been proven to help people lose weight. In particular it works to help people lose body weight. Your body will look better and you will be slim and trim. Taking this supplement can help you feel better about yourself. This is a natural supplement and it is organic. This supplement claims to have no known side effects to speak of.

People will still be able to have their favorite treat, not having to concern themselves with whether or not they will gain a lot of weight. In addition to losing that body weight, this supplement works to:

Decrease your fat intake

Help you to enjoy what you eat

Lessen the cravings of food

In addition to the above, taking Proactol has helped people release the stiffness in their joints, reduction of body aches and improved focus. It is also responsible for reducing cholesterol levels, and increasing energy levels in your body. This happens when people take the supplement every day.

Proactol comes in a table and is considered safe. In addition to it being natural and organic, it contains no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives. You can take this with confidence knowing that you will be the talk of the town. You will be slimmer and more confident about your body.

Knowing that you’re using a garbage-free supplement can help in knowing that the weight will come off. You don’t have to concern yourself with putting foreign ingredients in your system.

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ProVactin is a supplement that helps people to lose fat without having to consume any stimulants. This supplement can help you more energy and help you shed off lots of fat from your body. Since it is free of stimulants, it has been proven to be safe.

This supplement is for those who cannot consume stimulants due to their health. Or for some people when they take them, their heart starts to accelerate and their body experiences nervousness. These side effects can cause people to lose much needed sleep.

During a study, results showed that people who took ProVactin over a period a time had experienced a significant amount of weight loss. This was due to losing a lot of fat from their body, which this supplement is designed to do.

There are 45 caplets in each bottle. If you decide to use it, take no more than six capsules a day. When you eat breakfast or lunch, take two of those capsules with water, preferably a glass full. When taking these supplements, it’s important that you heed the instructions. Don’t forsake having an eating plan and exercising for taking these supplements.

After you have used this supplement for a few weeks, you can look to see results. As long as you keep a healthy meal plan and exercise in place, look for significant weight loss to occur.

If you are on medication, consult with your doctor prior to using it. Or if this is you first time, also consult with your doctor.

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Rapid Slim SX

RapidSlim SX is designed for women who are looking to lose weight very quickly. There are many who don’t seem to have time to wait months for that extra fat and pounds to melt off of their bodies. With eating right and regular exercise, women will be able to lose weight in no time flat.

RapidSlim SX states that women can lose at least 24 pounds in no time. This weight-loss product contains LiQuick FX technology. These are small liquid gel capsules that bring quick results if you take them on a regular basis. You can lose weight in no time flat by taking these capsules.

Another ingredient in this capsule that helps you lose the weight fast is hoodia. With this ingredient along with the capsule, women can lose weight even faster than before. The formula for RapidSlim SX was created by doctors. Compared to those that used a placebo, those that used RapidSlim SX lost almost three times as much weight.

The small gels are easy to take. So for those that have problems swallowing pills and the like, these capsules are small enough to go down easily. This weight loss formula has been clinically proven to help women lose weight rapidly. You just take two capsules twice a day and you’ll see weight loss results very quickly.

However, please beware that you must monitor yourself because you’re losing weight so fast. If you’re not careful, the weight can creep back on you so quickly, it will have defeated your purpose for losing weight in the first place.

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Ripped Fuel

Ripped Fuel is a weight loss supplement that is used to get the “ripped abs” looks. This supplement contains bitter orange fruit extract, St. John’s Wort, L-Phenylalanine and Guarana Extract. It helps to get rid of the extra fat in your system and makes your body lean. This supplement does not contain ephedra. This is a patented formula that has been proven to help your body lose fat.

Along with the St. John’s Wort, green tea leaf extract, citrus, ginger and cayenne fruit help to make up the components to increase metabolism and aid in fat loss in the body. The capsules come in a bottle of either 60 or 120.

Before you eat, you are supposed to take two capsules. The maximum amount of capsules you can consume on a daily basis is 6. You should read the instructions and don’t go over the recommended daily amount. It’s also important to take heed of the warnings listed on the label.

If this is your first time taking it, you should start out with half of the recommended dosage to see how your body can handle it. This supplement is recommended to be used with a low-fat eating regimen. You must also exercise in order to see maximum results.

Ripped Fuel should only be used by persons 18 years of age and older. If you have a pre-existing condition or you’re pregnant or nursing, it is strongly recommended that you not use this. Please beware of some of the side effects from this supplement that include dizziness, headache, heart accelerations or anything else that is out of the norm. Please see your doctor if you experience any adverse symptoms from using this supplement.

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Ripped Fuel Extreme

Ripped Fuel Extreme is an advanced version of Ripped Fuel. It too, helps you to lose weight and have “ripped abs”. This product helps your body to burn fat with ingredients such as green tea leaf extract, cocoa and caffeine.

There are other ingredients in this product that have been clinically tested to help with weight loss and get rid of extra fat from your body. With this, you will still be able to have a lean body.

This product also contains the following ingredients:




Cayenne Food Extract

The bottle of supplements comes in 60 capsules. Take no more than 2 capsules twice a day. That means the maximum amount to take would be 4 capsules for the whole day. If you exceed that amount, you may experience an adverse health reaction that could have serious consequences. You should also take heed to the warnings on the label.

If you are pregnant or nursing, this supplement is not recommended for you. If you have a pre-existing condition or chronic health ailment or anything that has to do with your intestinal area, please do not take this.

You should be at least 18 years of age or older if you plan to use Ripped Fuel Extreme. This supplement is not for children under 18 years old to consume. If you feel side effect such as heart accelerations or nervous tendencies, stop taking it immediately. You may want to check with your doctor before initially using it for your weight loss efforts.

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Stacker 2

Stacker 2 supplements have been around for about 15 years. They were initially used for bodybuilders that needed an herbal supplement to help them with “stacking”. Stacking is when bodybuilders consumed Ephedrine HCL, aspirin and caffeine. They used this combination to give them additional energy while they worked out. It also helped them to have a leaner body when they were participating in bodybuilding events.

With plenty of scientific studies, it was decided that making the herbal extracts part of the mix would help the bodybuilders get the results that they were looking for. They could achieve that “bodybuilder” look without the ingredients that could make them jittery and cause their heart to accelerate.

The herbal extracts seemed to work for them, and they decided to let others know about the scientific findings. The bodybuilders were able to burn additional fat and their desire to eat more diminished somewhat. Out of this discovery came Stacker 2. This supplement was dubbed as “the world’s strongest fat burner”. When it first came out, it was place in convenience stores. After sales took off, it spread to other parts of the country in places like drug stores and the like.

Stacker 2 has now paved the way for Stacker 3. Both products are prominently sold in stores all over today. They have been proven sellers thanks to the many testimonials and superb production of these supplements.

These supplements have and will continue to help people with the weight loss goals for many years to come.

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Thermadrol is a weight loss supplement made from natural herbs. This supplement is used to burn fat from your body very quickly. It is also designed to provide your body with additional energy. In order to effectively suppress your hunger, this supplement contains six appetite suppressants.

Within this supplement, you will find plenty of vitamins, minerals and herbs. Combined, these ingredients have been used to experience significant loss of fat in other people. This combination has also contributed to appetite suppressing and additional energy. This all comes by not using the banned substance ephedra.

With Thermadrol, everyone does not consume the same dosage. However, there is a recommendation of three to six supplement pills a day, but no more than that. When your start using it, it’s recommended to take up to three capsules that day.

You would take one as you eat or after you eat breakfast. The second one should be taken mid-afternoon. After you have taken the first ones, the next time you can start with three to six a day.

They should be taken at least 45 minutes prior to you bigger meals or if before you exercise. It is recommended that you do not take these after 4 in the afternoon. You may be wired for the rest of the evening and miss out on a lot of rest.

It doesn’t take long to get an energy boost from this. Eventually, you’ll notice an increase in burning more calories and fat.

As with any supplement, if you experience side effects, such as nausea or lack of sleep, stop taking this supplement and consult your doctor.

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You may have seen Trimspa’s memorable commercials which starred the late Anna Nicole Smith. Throughout her years she struggled with weight, eventually discovering Trimspa. She was able to shed the extra pounds and look amazing. Trimspa is not just for the stars, though. Anyone can choose from their diet plans and have as much success as Anna Nicole Smith had.

Trimspa offers a variety of diet supplements to choose from. Their latest product on the market is the weight loss chocolate hoodia supplement. It contains 260 mg of hoodia in the form of chewable chocolate pieces. You will not have to worry about ruining your diet with something so sweet since it contains only 15 calories and 4 grams of carbs per piece and has 0 saturated and Trans fat.

Trimspa X32 is another product available. Taking these tablets will keep your hunger under control along with helping you feel full. Along with this product is Trimspa’s latest upgraded version known as Advanced Trimspa X32 Rapid Release tablets. These tablets offer 3.6 times faster results to ward off hunger and stay comfortable.

Trimspa offers other products besides tablets. Froodia is the first-ever fruit bar in the United States to contain 400 mg of African Hoodia Gordonii. You will be able to easily fight off hunger by taking these bars wherever you go. They are fruit flavored and come in different flavors including cherry, and apricot to name a few.

It is important to remember that these products have better results when you are already dieting and exercising. You may also not be able to find a large assortment to Trimspa items in your local stores. Ordering the items online is not only fast and convenient; you can save on the costs also!

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Cytodyne Technologies offer the Xenadrine supplement. Xenadrine is a thermogenic formula created by large studies of a specific herbal thermogenic formula.

Xenadrine contains aspirin, ephedrine, and caffeine. When these elements are combined they are known for increasing the amount of weight-loss in the consumer.

Since Xenadrine offers all three of those ingredients along with Synephrine, adding Xenadrine to your daily routine will give you better results than the other ECA supplements for burning fat. Taking four capsules per day will help better your metabolism which will assist your body in naturally burning fat.

Xenadrine is not the only supplement available. Cytodyne created Xenadrine – EFX. This is an advanced thermogenic supplement that they claim cannot compare to similar types in the industry. The supplement does not contain ephedrine like other supplements of its type. It is made of a potent blend of natural metabolic compounds that help create fat-burning to assist the users in their weight-loss and maintain your weight once it is off. Many famous celebrities take the supplement and have had life-changing results. Studies have been done on this product and the results have shown that people who took Xenadrine – EFX lost up to 20 pounds of fat within 14 days of use.

Just like other diet supplements, Xenadrine and Xenadrine EFX have better results when taken while eating healthier and exercising. These supplements are available over the internet and at specialty stores. Their prices differ and may become expensive if you take the recommended daily amounts. It is important to remember that since they are sold over the internet you can compare prices and find the best deal available.

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People who have been on diets before know that part of changing your diet means you might start suffering from fatigue. You will feel drained and have no desire to keep up an exercise routine. That is when the Zantrex-3 supplement becomes ideal.

These days there are quite a few supplements that do not contain the once popular ingredient of ephedrine. Zantrex is one such supplement that has been a big competitor against supplements such as “America’s best seller”. It is no surprise why people are changing to Zantrex. It offers five-times more weigh-loss results than “America’s best seller” and other brands. Zantrex works by suppressing appetite, but will not make the users left feeling weak. Instead, the supplement contains a xanthine-based stimulant which gives high energy to stay active and on track to losing weight.

The makers of Zantrex-3 guarantee that its users will not fail their diet plans while taking the supplement. You will not feel tired and blame yourself for not exercising which possibly has happened to you while taking other diet supplements. Zantrex-3 claims to be the most advanced and powerful weight control supplement on the market. It will give you much needed energy, which will help you with rapid weight-loss, and also contains no ephedrine which many people see as another advantage to this supplement.

Zantrex-3 is easy to find over the internet and in your local stores. This supplement is not as expensive as other brands in the market. Some people may be weary of trying Zantrex because they are used to seeing other supplements that have before and after photos, and user testimonials and wonder if this actually works for people. It is best to do some research and decide if Zantrex-3 is something that would assist you on your weight-loss quest.

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ZCA Stack

ZCA Stack is a weight loss supplement that helps to speed up your metabolism. It also prevents your body from accumulating extra calories. As you take this, you will have more energy and in turn become more active. Any cravings you had will disappear and you won’t yearn to eat so much. In this aspect, you can burn more calories.

Not only does ZCA Stack work to quickly increase your metabolism, your body will have a warmer temperature. The temperature in your body will help your fat to metabolize. You can just be sitting down and the weight will come off. With this supplement, you will be able to burn the pounds away.

The energy your body gets will help to get rid of those unwanted pounds much easier. With the ingredients caffeine and white willow, it can help you lose weight that much more.

If you decide to use this, you are to take one small capsule at least a half hour prior to eating breakfast and lunch. You should be drinking at least 16 ounces of water with it. This supplement is not made for you to lose weight quickly. If that happens, don’t take the supplement for a few days. Or you can lessen the dosage to just one small capsule each day.

If you experience any side effects, stop taking the supplement immediately and contact your physician. If you are pregnant or nursing, you are not allowed to use this supplement. Also, if you have a pre-existing condition, you shouldn’t take it either. This supplement is to be used by persons 18 years of age and older. Please note that you should still eat proper meals and exercise. You should not substitute the supplement for that. You must maintain a healthy balance in your system.

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