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DatingDirect.com has about 3.5 million users. They are based in the United Kingdom and have locations in several of the countries in Europe. They are so confident you will find someone they will pay you should you not find someone within 12 months of signing up with their service. There are terms and conditions which will apply. Here are some of the tips they recommend you to follow in order to successfully find the right person for you.

You should complete your profile as soon as you can once you have joined.
They will provide you with a detailed profile template to help you in the completion of your profile. The more information you give in your profile the more likely you are to be contacted often. Make sure to fill in all of the sections of the profile. Rather than leave a question blank it is recommended you put “I’d rather not say” as an appropriate answer. Then write a personal ad to make your profile stand out from the others. Since photos complete a profile, you will want to include at least 3 photos of yourself along with your profile.

You need to be active.
Don’t sit around and wait for someone to contact you, it is okay for you to make the first move. The reason behind this is the more people you contact, the better your chances of meeting someone will be. It is recommended you contact someone different every day. Be spontaneous. Log on to the web site regularly. Active members will show up first in search results. Always reply to all messages you receive even if you are not particularly interested in the person. Be polite and just let them know. You can create your own test in order to find people who have something in common with you. Take your test and encourage the people to like to take it too.

Always be polite and courteous
DatingDirect.com has a team of people who are constantly monitoring the site. The also have a team of moderators who deal with any complaints and take appropriate action against the members who are doing the offending. The usual action is to remove a profile from the site after a member has received three or more complaints from other members. Under these circumstances the offending member is not due a refund.

Statistics show that 80% of their members have met someone on their web site and about 80% of their members recommend DatingDirect.com to their friends. DatingDirect.com virtually will guarantee within 12 months you will meet someone special on their web site.

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