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Cyberdiet.com was started in 1995 by Timi Gustafson, RD and Cynthia Fink. They get over fifteen million hits to their site each month. The cyberdiet.com site allows users to customize a diet plan for themselves.

Cyberdiet.com offers its users all the latest information and news about weight loss, fitness, and motivational techniques. They have many interactive tools you can use to aide in your weight loss.

Cyberdiet.com gives you a personalized start page. On your start page, you will find access to all of the recipes, exercise schedule, shopping lists, tips of the day, and more. You will also see a chart showing your progress.

Cyberdiet.com offers daily-customized menus. They offer you the choice of diet plans to select your menu from. The diet plans include no restriction, low cholesterol, vegetarian, and reduced carbs.

Cyberdiet.com has a section devoted to teaching you about eating right. They offer tips about smart grocery shopping, the latest weight loss news, and how to eat out without ruining your diet.

Cyberdiet.com has an exercise section. You can find out what your target heart rate should be. You will learn new exercises o help you lose weight. They have the instructions for several exercises. You can also log your exercise each day and then see if you are getting enough activity to burn off the calories you have eaten.

There is a support system at cyberdiet.com. You can find friends and information on the message boards and chat rooms. Find a friend to team up with on your weight loss journey. Having a friend can be a huge support.

Cyberdiet.com is billed every three months or yearly. If you are unhappy, you can cancel after the first eight weeks. You will get a refund for the unused part of your subscription.

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