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Brian Koz had written a 30 page eBook titled 4 Minute Money. He talks about a variety of four minute money makers that can be used to generate income from the internet. His idea is to set up small money making sites instead of working for many grueling months on one site that you can only hope will be The Money Maker just to have all of it fall in your lap.

Mr. Koz will show us how to begin setting up small projects that will take only 4, yes four minutes of our time but will automatically continue to generate an on-going income. He is talking about millions but his ideas and short projects can make you hundreds of dollars a month. Think about what could happen if you had many of these small projects in the works. Do you think you could eventually leave your day job?

Brian says that it is time to go from MACRO to micro when it comes to making money on the internet. One of the problems new internet marketers have is that we all want to make it big right from the beginning. But, what we dont realize is this is the mentality that caused many dot com businesses to fail; they started out too big and too fast.

So, because of the number of failures,, and the imminent growth on the internet, Brain has put together 5 guides that will lead us down the path of earning income. It may start out small but if we follow the rules of implementing the 4 Minute Money Makers then we will see our income grow in the future.

Take 4 minutes and view the PDF version of Brian Kozs eBook, you can find it, and more information here http://mariocampeau.blogspot.com/2008/04/4-minute-money-makers.html.

You can also read more about Brian Koz, his ideas on internet marketing, and learn how to make money with the 4 Minute Money Makers at www.4minutemoney.com or http://www.briankoz.com/.

I am very excited to view Brians guides. It makes sense to make a little money a lot of times instead of trying to make a lot of money at one time. You have less to lose both in time and investments but you can still build wealth at a natural pace.

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