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Body Craft

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Body Craft is one of the top leading exercise equipment providers. But with being the top leading price obviously pays a big part. Body Craft has a selection of everything you would need to furnish a gym, free weight equipment, home gyms, rowing machines, elliptical, treadmills, bikes, and kettle bells.

There name carries over 10 reviews and rewards from leading sources in there department. There is site lacks any information about the company at all. If you are looking to find a history about the company the most you will find is a contact button so that you may contact them and find out any details you would want to know.

When it comes to there equipment though anything you could possibly want to know is there. They include all brochures and manuals for all the equipment they carry. Along with a manufactured suggested retail price. The manufactured suggested retail prices seem to be slightly higher then some of Body Crafts competitors.

While navigating along there website some may grow agitated as the drop down menus to view there products seems jumpy as you move the mouse down it slides back up. You have to move your mouse very slowly to be able to keep the drop down menu open while you choose what you want to view.

The site is broken into two categories at the top depending on what you are needing for your weight loss needs you can either choose strength or cardio. Each area will bring you to a list of products that carry for each type of strengthening or weight loss you are looking for.
One of the nice easy functions that Body Craft does provide is the ability to register your product online. The form is easy and simple to follow.

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