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Blue Star Moms

Blue Star Moms

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The Mission of BLUE STAR MOMS– An NGO

The people of the United States of America can do plenty to support our young men and women fighting wars overseas, therefore, the moms of American have joined up in a common mission to form a nonprofit and non-discriminatory organization called the Blue Star Moms. The organization speaks the words of every mom who has sent her son or daughter to fight for the freedom of their fellow citizen, and represents all aspects of the United States of America in this difficult time.

The members of this nonprofit organization include countless moms who are waiting for their young children to arrive from fighting extremism. It also includes a number of veteran moms who have honorably served in the United States army. Members of veteran’s organizations have also joined up in Blue Star Moms, as this organization also serves the common purpose. Gold star families and a number of military personnel who have returned from the Afghanistan War have also joined in this non-discriminatory organization.

The organization has no affiliations with political parties, and also do not represent any members of the Congress. They are simply not involved with any member of political establishment, either inside or outside the United States. The members of Blue Star Moms do not use public tax money for their promotion, and do not allow any member of the Republican or Democrat to use our name, as either their friend or foe.

Any legislation passed by the government of the United States of America is thoroughly supported by this organization, provided that the passed bill is a bi-partisan legislation which enhances the welfare of our troops. There is no election boycott from this Non-governmental organization, as it does not tell the people to suppress their right to vote.

Humble Beginnings

Nancy Ecker, Peggy Conklin and Patty Martin are the names of Blue Star Moms founder members, which approached each other for support in San Ramon, CA after the devastating attacks of September 11 2001. These attacks not only shook the United States of America, but the whole world, as the government and NGOs from throughout the world condemed such acts of extremism. The shockwaves of the attack may have been only heard in New York City, but it reached the families of those who died. These people belonged to every religion and some of them are even atheists. These founding member moms had 4 sons who were serving in the United States military at the time of the attack, and the ages of their offspring’s ranged from 19 to 22. <

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