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This matchmaking site is based in Arizona. It is also dubbed as “The Black People Network”. This site works to make matchmaking fun for black singles. You can meet others that are in your area or on the other side of the country. There is no limit to where you can meet someone. The site emphasizes that with the technology that is available, there is no excuse for not meeting anyone.

You can choose to be in a relationship or just have a friendship, it’s up to you. The site’s networks uses several high-speed connections that are based from fiber optics. The site is based on tight security and they are monitored 24 hours a day. So it may be a little difficult for someone to hack the system, even though it could happen.

This system makes it easy for members to make contact with other single people who are looking for someone. Their profiling system is set up where you can create video, photos, audio and other things.

  1. Here are some other features of the site:
  2. Storing Profiles
  3. See who’s looking at your profile
  4. Search profiles by different search strings
  5. Picture personals
  6. Create greetings in audio and video
  7. Send other members contact information

There is probably a paid membership site here, but there’s nothing on the site that discussed it. You may have to sign up first in order to get additional information about the paid membership. There is also a place where you can submit your success story. On the front page of the website, there is a red box toward the bottom right side that shows different testimonials from members that like the service. Testimonials can make or break the site.

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