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Affiliate Money Tree is not much as the affiliatemoneytree.com website, but it is an interesting book. Mike Delrue wrote the book after making money as an affiliate doing pay-per-click marketing and advertising. He thoroughly addresses the subject of how to get the most commissions from being an affiliate for other companies. There are some important pieces of advice Delrue gives in Affiliate Money Tree. The book sells for a price of about $50. That is not much to spend if the business is good.

The first thing independent businesspeople will want to know is how to use keywords in their Google Adwords. Mike Delrue of affiliatemoneytree.com presents his 2500 best keywords. This gives you an idea of how he is choosing them. For one thing, you will notice that there are no vague, general terms on the list. If you want to invest in the Affiliate Money Tree handbook, the keyword system is an important concept to study.

The affiliatemoneytree.com system covers hundreds of pay-per-click search engines and dozens of affiliate networks. It gives you a chance to understand the best places to go to both arrange and place the ads. Mike Delrue also helps you with a long-range plan for your home-based business, although he does not become involved in taking any of your profits. This is not MLM, after all.

There are bonuses, such as Living Off the Net, 7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic 2, and others. The main attraction is still the book. While this book is helpful, the website and download are a little hard to find. It is not to be confused with moneytreeaffiliate.com, which is a similar site by a different Internet author

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