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Chris Carpenter is the man behind affiliatejackpot.com,
which advertises his latest Google Cash training package. The idea behind this home-based business
opportunity is that you can earn money by putting Google Ads up for companies
who do not have the time or the desire to do so themselves. You are basically a matchmaker, putting
Google Ads for various companies on search pages where they will do the most
good. For this, you get paid by the

Google Cash was the original training package, but it has
become outdated as Google has changed its terms. Carpenter has kept updating his system; it is
now Google Cash 3, available on affiliatejackpot.com. The book and other materials describe a
business that does not require a monetary investment, a website, or a lot of
time to see results.

Affiliatejackpot.com explains how to become an affiliate
with companies that want to advertise on the web. The problem with this is that when you are an
affiliate, you have to label the Google Ad as such. People are often uncomfortable when dealing
with an affiliate, thinking they will pay extra so that the affiliate can make
his money. It could cut down on your
profits. Many of the Adwords gurus
suggest that you have your own website, but Chris Carpenter does not.

There are several bonuses that come with the package
advertised on affiliatejackpot.com. The
system can actually work and make you some money. The only thing you should realize is that
there are other Google Adwords training packages out there that may be better
equipped to teach beginners what they need to know.

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